Le Tourment Vert

Le Tourment Vert, which translates as "The Green torment", is a liqueur very similar to absinthe that has become popular amongst drinkers of absinthes. It has the main ingredients which are found in absinthes – fennel, anise, and wormwood, but has notable other differences including a blue-green color, whereas most other absinthes are an electric green in color.

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Absinthe -- the Green Fairy, as it is sometimes called. Absinthe has struck the hearts and imaginations of drinkers through the years, and the green liqueur has often been associated with poets, visionaries, and others who hold romantic notions to be dear.

The drink itself was illegal in the United States for many years, due to the cocktail's hallucinogenic effects and psychoactive properties, which are derived from the wormwood plant, which comprises one of its main ingredients. It is now somewhat legal, although only certain brands are allowed for import.

Le Tourment Vert is imported by the French Distillerie Vinet EGE, which is located in the Congac area of France. Certain additional herbs have been added to its mix, giving it a more complex flavor than other absinthes. Added into the cocktail now are herbs such as rosemary, coriander, sage, and eucalyptus. It also conforms with the U.S. requirements for amounts of thujone, which is the active ingredient in absinthes which has psychoactive properties, with under 10 ppm (parts per million) in each bottle.

The absinthe-like liqueur in 2009 joined the official sponsor list of the Sundance Film festival, and in fact Le Tourment Vert, in partnership with Converge Entertainment, have joined together to form a film production company called Tormented Films, which seeks to produce films which are in the style inspired by absinthes.

It is interesting that a cocktail should inspire a genre of films, but such is the power and effect that absinthes have had on modern culture. Absinthes have a mystical, hypnotic green color, and there are also accoutrements to drinking the cocktail, which give it an almost ritualistic aspect.

The green liqueur is poured over a stylized absinthe spoon, which is often a flat, silver triangular-shaped flat device that is balanced on the top of the glass. The absinthe is then poured through a sugar cube that rests on the spoon, and the cocktail is then enjoyed.

The absinthe-like liqueur of Le Tourment Very can also be enjoyed the same way, along with any other of the absinthes. Absinthe is continuing to gain popularity, not only in the U.S. but around the world.